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These are things I find myself repeating, so I wrote them down.
Going to a big-box computer store for IT advice is similar to asking the teller at a fast-food restaurant for culinary tips.
Have you ever bothered to read and understood any of the EULAs or Terms of Use that you bound yourself to when you clicked "I Agree" before installing a product or using a service? I would highly recommend taking the time to read those legal agreements prior to agreeing to them, you could be quite surprised to find out what rights you've given up just to use that service. Very few things in life are free. In most situations you just don't realize how you are paying for it.
You get what you pay for ! While companies certainly make gobs of money from the information they mine out of the free email addresses they provide to you, they don't owe you anything, you did read the Terms of Use, didn't you? If you want someone to call or expect any sort of accountability, you are going to have to pay for a business account. Paying a few dollars a year to have someone host your email is just a basic cost of business these days, do it. When you pay for something you can then call and complain when it doesn't work.
Consumers consume ! I don't like it either but it's a sad reality of the world we live in, things are not made to be repaired, they are made to be replaced.

Consumer grade computers are meant to be consumed. Don't be surprised when consumer grade equipment fails a few months after it's warranty expires. How long the manufacturer is willing to stand behind the product is very indicative of it's life-expectancy. Store provided, extended warranties are not relevant here.
A $300 computer is equivalent to a $3000 car. Very limited features, built out of parts from the cheapest vendor, poorly assembled and not upgradable.
As I said before "You get what you pay for".
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